Our solutions incorporate latest practices in the areas of

Quality Management, Security Management
and Distributed Architecture.

Offshore Development

We facilitate a matured model of low cost, high efficiency at a quicker pace. We have an offshore development facility at Hyderabad & Bangalore, India, to take advantage of the Technical expertise at low cost, which can provide cost savings and time savings by using virtual 24 hour development cycle.

Ready to use infrastructure
Access to a large and diverse pool of
expertise enabling quick ramp up
Leverage Dataformix's project
management capabilities
Exploit the time zone advantage.
Enables knowledge retention

Product Engineering

Dataformix uses its deep engineering expertise to tackle the complex challenges faced by the customer while developing robust and innovative technology solutions. Our business model bridges the gaps by facilitating product engineering and development with much-needed agility coupled with thought leadership.

With our deep engineering expertise and innovation-centric approach, we help companies across several industries transform their products and solutions to accelerate the time to market, create cost efficiencies, and be primed to meet the needs of the future.

Cloud Transformation

In today's world Cloud transformation has become a key factor for any organisation in the process of Digital transformation and to keep up with the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Our cloud experts enable customers to accelerate and transform into a leading digital firm achieving sustainable growth and being future-ready.

To build business resilience and to have a strong business contingency plan our engineers provide services such as digital infrastructure, analytics and intelligence, customer experience, applications, DevOps, and security.

Data Engineering & Management

We provide end-to-end Data Engineering and Data Management solutions to deliver value to business use cases. Our curated Machine learning Ops Practices bring the best and correct mix of Data Science, Data engineering, and data automation to increase overall operational efficiency and faster time to market. Our data engineering services provide the right expertise to streamline data processing pipelines, build robust data models, and modernize the data platform to enable rapid AI adoption.

Software Engineering

Dreams can become reality, and our software engineering expert services team can make it happen for all your development needs. With our expert team of software engineers, architects and developers, we solve the most complex business problems with an innovative and pragmatic approach. We're there, incubating at the cutting edge to design and develop new solutions according to your requirement or even enhance and maintain your in-house enterprise applications. We are here to ensure you stay ahead in the game with agility and better responsiveness.

We solve the most complex business problems with an innovative and pragmatic approach
We design, develop, enhance and maintain your in-house enterprise applications

SAP Data Migration & Transformation Services

SAP Data Migrations means moving to a different database or operating system from the already existing systems. This major change will have a severe impact while upgrading the environment if not executed properly and is always a challenge to the professionals carrying out this complex process. Our requirements-based SAP Data Migration approach covers the entire enterprise system project lifecycle from planning to transition, including legacy ECC implementations, upgrades, consolidations, and migrations. This means that projects are implemented according to the highest standards, quicker execution at a predictable cost, and continuous risk monitoring throughout the entire project.

Our SAP experts will ensure the migration or the transformation is seamless and ensure the enterprises be able to complete their SAP Business and Technical transformation projects in months rather than years with increased flexibility to achieve the required goals.

Managed Services

Dataformix's Managed Services Practice is designed to help our clients with their on demand staffing needs thereby helping them focus on their core business competencies. For our clients, this approach, results in building a highly competent project team based on their unique needs just-in-time. For our consultants and employees, this results in working on projects they are passionate about.

IT Staff Augmentation

With its global presence, Dataformix provides proficient IT talent and takes care of meeting the manpower needs in a timely manner. Our best-in-class hiring mechanisms and validation techniques have enabled us to provide quality staffing solutions. Our client- centric approach, cost effective solutions and investing in right infrastructure has helped us to upgrade our service deliverables consistently.

Payroll Management Solution

Dataformix provides complete payroll management solutions to its clients. With the increase in the development of IT sectors, payroll has become time-consuming and challenging task for every industry. Focus on your core project by outsourcing the payroll management to us.

With our customized payroll management software, clients are provided with tailor made, premium quality and time & cost efficient solution .
Statutory compliance
& reports
self-service portal
Tax planning
& calculation

Business Intelligence

Information that helps make decisions is the cornerstone of a successful business. Our data warehousing expertise helps transform vast and complex data assets into information, enabling our clients to view business activity and Corporate Performance Indicators to build a strong and competitive enterprise.

Our Business Intelligence Architects have experience architecting Enterprise wide Data warehouse solutions and providing end-to-end BI solutions. This includes understanding customer's BI needs, architecting scalable data warehouse data models and providing Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) processes and Presentation layer expertise.

Our Principal consultants have implemented various packaged Analytical applications and helped organizations create their complete analytical infrastructure around packaged applications. While providing best practices across designing data models, ETL architectures, presentation layers and dashboards, we make sure that the implementations are quick, yet scalable to satisfy future analytical needs.


E- Business

We at Dataformix evaluate, identify, develop, implement and support the best e-Business strategies and solutions in the market.

With a keen understanding of the latest Web technologies, our team identifies the most economic and strategic solutions for your organization. Our flexible engagement terms give you the option to choose all-inclusive hourly rates, flexible payment terms and fixed price proposals.

The speed of eBusiness deployment requires that decisions are timely and planned well in advance. We make sure everyone in the team is well aware of the process, the milestones, and decisions to be made-well in advance of the actual events. Helping clients prioritizing, refining project strategy and planning a phased rollout is what separates us from our competition.